Parliament Resumes Today

Parliament will today, Tuesday, 29 January 2019 reconvene from their long Christmas break today to begin the first meeting of the third session of the seventh Parliament of the Fourth Republic.

The house is expected to deliberate on the passage of the age-old Right to Information Bill as well as the State of the Nation Address to be delivered by President Nana Akufo-Addo next month.

Members will also debate and approve the Holidays Amendment Bill which seeks to introduce two new holidays in the country.

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Former President John Mahama visited Ho West constituency

The much awaited visit of the former President John Mahama (JM) that has heightened discussions and anxiety finally came off today. 
The constituency communication officers,  Hon. Ameh Robert and Mr. Kwabeng Sitsofe deepened the awareness of the visit with discussion of trending national issues and JM’s candidature at the Dzolokpuita community information center from 5:00am to 7:30am. 
It is highly interesting to note that Ho West was used by the former President as a Gateway and a Pace setter for the Volta Region. 
Ho West constituents with unique enthusiastic and committed spirit  and love for JM, converged at the scheduled ground at exactly 7:30am ahead of the scheduled time, 8:30am to give the former president an overwhelming welcome at exactly 9:40am after having close door meeting with Paramount Chiefs, Queen mothers, Religious  Leaders and Key Stakeholders to discuss the progress of the constituency and to ask for their prayers and support.  

JM took the platform to address delegates and the whole fraternity after his introduction by his campaign manager and observing a minute silence in memory of the late Former Deputy Minister for Energy and Petroleum, Hon.  Ben Dagadu.          

Speaking Points:               

✅Recounted the NDC projects in the Constituency  and lamented about the ones in progress which have been abandoned by the NPP government. 

✅The decline in votes pulled by the party in the Constituency in 2016,  7, 023 votes as compared with 2012, 8000 votes and strategies to avert the situation. 

✅Unity after internal elections. 

✅Building party office for each constituency to avert embarrassment from landlords. 

✅ Database for all registered members for easy identification of potentials for employment. 

✅Rewarding party  foot-soldiers through identification and recommendation. 

✅ Building 200 Senior High Schools (SHSs) to abolish the double track or the “traffic light” in the SHSs.                 

✅He urged the Constituents to pursue the government for their 2 million U.S. dollars as part of the ”one constituency one million dollar” promise because money cannot expired as they are saying. 

✅ He affirmed that NPP fears him much towards the 2020 race. 

✅ J.M. and his entourage proceeded to other constituencies after the closing prayer.                       

✅Ho West Vigilante group, the ‘Hawks’ was inaugurated.                     

✅ The program saw a massive turn out and was massively graced by Regional Executives, former Constituency Executives and appointees. 


NDC 2020 Flagbearer Balloting

The NDC) have taken the final step towards electing our 2020 flagbearer on February 23rd.
The balloting is finalized and these are our seven aspirants with their respective position on the ballot.

Below is the way it turned out;

1. Mr. Alban Sumana Bagbin

2. Mr. Nurudeen Iddrisu

3. Mr. John Dramani Mahama

4. Mr. Sylvester Mensah

5. Dr. Ekwow Spio Garbrah

6. Mr. Goosie Tanoh

7. Prof. Joshua Alabi

Together for Victory 2020. NDC wins.

Akufo-Addo nervous as popularity wanes – Africawatch

President Nana Akufo-Addo’s popularity is waning due to his inability to deliver most of his campaign promises almost two years after he became President, a situation which has made him nervous and always on the defensive, controversial magazine Africawatch has stated.

According to the popular magazine, “uneasiness is thus increasing as more people are coming to grips with the stark fact that some of the key president’s campaign promises may not materialize at all, such as his plan to build one factory in each of the country’s 216 constituencies during his first term in office, a scheme he proudly called ‘One District, One Factory’”.

The magazine edited by Steve Mallory added that “though, many questioned where on earth the funds would come from for such an enormous undertaking, he promised at the time that it would alleviate poverty and create more jobs. None of it has happened.

“Hope in Akufo-Addo’s presidency is therefore turning into doubt and beginning to grow into disillusionment. This, naturally, is making the president become nervous and putting him on the defensive.”

According to Africawatch, the president keeps repeating at every turn, his only achievement to date – the free SHS – which the magazine says is in a mire.

“Even the implementation of the promised Free Senior High program has somehow been botched, because the government rushed it without any proper consultation and planning…now that his honesty is being called into question by some of the people who voted for him, Akufo-Addo is becoming increasingly unpopular. That has made him nervous and he has already started covertly scheming to bolster his chances for re-election in 2020.”

Africawatch in its report claims that Akufo-Addo will try to use his influence on Jean Mensa – EC Chairperson – to get the EC to use the Ghana Card to compile a new voters’ register for the 2020 elections, as he claims the current register is bloated with foreigners, mostly from Togo, who, it is believed, are more sympathetic to the NDC.

“There is nothing wrong with cleaning up a voters’ register…but it is quite dangerous for Akufo-Addo’s government to use the Ghana Card to undercut NDC strongholds and then turn around to have the EC use the Ghana Card as the basis for a new voters’ roll so that the NDC will not have the numbers to vote for them in future elections.”

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Transport fares up by 20%; starting Monday – True Drivers Union

True Drivers Union has announced a 20 percent increment in transport fares with effect from Monday, 29th October 2018.

According to the group, their members can no longer bear the rising cost of fuel and its impact on the transport business hence the decision to pass it on to passengers.

They lament the need for an increase in transport fares has been long overdue as fuel prices remain unstable for the past months. There has been no official communication from the Ghana Private Roads and Transport Union [GPRTU] on the increment.

Speaking to sit-in host Akwasi Nsiah on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa Fm, Public Relations Officer for True Drivers Union, Yaw Barima said fuel price has increased by some 12 cedis when they last increased fares thereby causing members of the union to constantly run at a loss.

He explained this is necessary to accommodate the rising fuel prices as well as other administrative costs in providing service.

“In less than two years, fuel prices have risen by 12 cedis, whiles since 1999 to 2016 fuel prices has stood at 14 cedis, it is justifiable for us to increase fares. The prices of engine oil have also gone up. Spare parts for our cars and other things”

“We are all running at a loss. If possible. Now drivers have been running away with their sale because they cannot afford to do the sales these days.”

Yaw Barima has however asked passengers to cooperate with drivers on the new transport fares.


Weto Technical Institute Gets New Management

The Weto Technical Institute is a community school located at Anfoeta Zongo. The institute which was operational until last academic year closed down due to institutional mismanagement and unavailability of students.

In a bid to revive the Institute, chiefs and elders of Anfoeta, the Assembly member for the area and Hon. Emmanuel Bedzrah, MP for Ho West have taken steps to reopen the Institute. In line with this, a new management team was inaugurated at the Institute’s premises on Sunday, October 21, 2018.

With over 20 students ready to be enrolled, the Institute will be reopened on Monday, October 29, 2018.


Let’s be Truthful with Our Promises – Hon. Bedzrah Tells Politicians

Addressing celebrants of Tsibu E.P Church’s 125th Anniversary as the Guest Speaker, the Ho West Legislator admonished politicians not to make promises simply because they want votes, rather, they should make promises that serve the supreme interest of citizens and are doable.

Hon. Bedzrah held that the current economic hardship in the country is as a result of a political party bent on implementing political promises that were ill thought through, and said that shouldn’t be the case all the times.

He also bemoaned the decaying moral values of society and tasked the Church to play more active role in correcting the canker, saying over 70% of Ghanaians are Christians and many of them find themselves at various work places. According to him, if the Church plays its role more effectively in building the moral lives of its members, issues of corruption and other social vices that are destroying the country would be reduced drastically.

Hon. Bedzrah appealed to members of the E.P. Church to take keen interest in ensuring the Church’s University College survives competition to enable it to continue to provide access to quality and affordable tertiary education to the people of Volta region and beyond.

According to him, there are signs of the nearness of the End Time. He cited the murder of a Saudi Journalist in the country’s Consulate in Turkey on October 2, 2018 as one of the many unfortunate incidents of bloods (brothers) standing against and killing one another as preached by the Bible as a sign of the End Time. He therefore admonished Christians to remain resolute and worship God with pure heart as we await the second coming of Christ.


Show Us Results For Your 110 Ministers – IDEG To Akufo-Addo

The Executive Director of the Institute for Democratic Governance (IDEG), Dr. Emmanuel Akwetey, has challenged President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to show Ghanaians the achievements of his 110 ministers that justify his decision to keep the number. The President, despite criticisms from Ghanaians and civil society groups, has maintained that he needed the huge number of appointees to deliver on the promises he made Ghanaians.

“We have a problem and what is the best way? It is better to have men and women capable of serving the nation’s interests and to work to grow the economy… If I succeed, you will soon find out that the brouhaha is nothing compared to the success.

“I don’t believe that any government in the Fourth Republic has inherited the challenges that my government has inherited,” the President told GTV in an interview

Some Ghanaians had nursed hopes that the President will cut down the number in a reshuffle, but that appears to be taking forever since the administration is almost 2 years in office without any sign of a major shakeup.

According to Dr. Akwetey, the ministers were yet to deliver on the expectation of Ghanaians.

“110 Ministers, I do not think they’ve given the President the results he needs. If they have results to show, they should make it public so we are all updated,” he said.

On the fight against graft, Dr. Akwetey said the various anti-graft agencies need more support from the Akufo-Addo government in order to make meaningful headway.

“I want to see the Criminal Justice system strengthened. The way we change IGPs and co should change. The Special Prosecutor, Auditor General among others will want to work more but they are not empowered to do so,” the IDEG boss said.

Source: Today

Committee on Government Assurances to follow up on flagship projects

Members of the Committee on Government Assurances (CGA) are to visit all the 10 regions from the end of November to ascertain the extent of implementation of flagship government policies and projects.

Speaking at a workshop for members of the Parliamentary Press Corps (PPC) at Ada Sunday, the Chairman of the CGA, Mr Yaw Frimpong Addo, said the committee would find out whether the free senior high school (SHS) education policy, the restoration of teachers and nurses allowances, the one constituency, $1 million and other policies were being implemented.

He said the committee would consider the funding and logistical challenges facing the policies, as well as the commitment of government officials to their execution.


Mr Addo said the verification visits, which would be sponsored by Star Ghana, would focus mainly on four ministries — Education, Special Development Initiatives, Railways Development and Energy and Power.

In the area of education, he said, the committee would find out the challenges facing the free SHS policy, with a focus on how the double-track system was being implemented.

He said the committee would verify the availability of classrooms and boarding houses and the quality of feeding for students.

Besides, he said, it would find out how far the government had gone with the promise to complete a number of community day SHSs started by the previous government.

Other areas

Mr Addo said the extension of electricity to remote areas and progress of rural electrification projects would be some of the areas to be considered in the power and energy sector.

The projects under the Ministry for Special Development Initiatives include the procurement of ambulances for districts and t $1 million per constituency.

And in the railway sector, the committee would ascertain the progress of work on the various railway projects.

He said if the committee had enough time, it would extend the verification to the agricultural sector.

Public hearings

Mr Addo, who is the NPP Member of Parliament (MP) for Manso-Adubia, said after the field visits, the committee would hold public hearings to seek answers from the respective ministers of state on implementation lapses and funding challenges.

He said that would enable the ministers to explain why the challenges.

Mr Addo said members of the CGA would also question the ministers on the floor of Parliament or at the committee level on the extent of work they had executed per the timelines they had given on the floor of Parliament or at committees of Parliament.

Thereafter, he said, the committee would write a report on the implementation of government policies and programmes to Parliament for consideration.

No witch-hunting

The CGA Chairman assured all ministers of state that the CGA was not interested in witch-hunting and indicated that the interest of the committee was to see to the implementation of government policies, programmes and projects.

He said the development of the country would depend on the implementation of government policies and that the committee intended to work in the interest of the government and the people.


Touching on the sanctions regime, the NDC MP for Ho West and Ranking Member on the CGA, Mr Emmanuel Bedzrah, said if the committee was not satisfied with the extent of work done by a particular ministry, it could recommend to Parliament to censure the minister in charge of that ministry for poor performance.

He said if the recommendation was adopted by the House, Parliament could, by two-thirds majority, vote for the removal of the minister.

Besides, Mr Bedzrah said, the committee could name and shame a minister for persistently lying on oath, which could cause him or her his or her appointment.


National Cathedral A “Misplaced Priority” – TUC

Labour Unions are mounting pressure on government to “shelve” plans to construct a National Cathedral because it is a “misplaced priority.”

President Akufo-Addo has defended his government’s decision to build the Cathedral, arguing it is a priority to the country.

“People will ask if it (national cathedral) is a priority. It is a priority among priorities. We’ll never find enough money to do everything we want to do. But we have to begin, and that’s what we have started.”

“70 percent of the population is Christian. This is the focus that strengthens the community. We find ourselves in need of a symbol that the Ghanaian nation can rally behind. We see elsewhere in the huge world monuments, and we are going to find the means to sort it out,” President Akufo-Addo said in London recently.

However, the Trades Union Congress (TUC) feels otherwise and has served notice if the New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration fails to heed its call it will “invite all Ghanaians to join us to campaign vehemently against this misplaced priority and to protect the national purse.”

“Why should a national cathedral be “a priority among priorities” in these circumstances? Why should government use scarce national resources to construct a national cathedral when we have all these social and economic challenges to deal with?

“We are fully convinced that if Ghanaians, including Christians, were to be asked individually to list their priorities for the country a national cathedral would never feature in the first one thousand items on the list of priorities, even if it features at all.

“We would like to appeal to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to shelve this plan otherwise we will invite all Ghanaians to join us to campaign vehemently against this misplaced priority and to protect the national purse,” the TUC said in a statement.